Introduction to This Forum~

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Introduction to This Forum~

Post  kjb629 on Fri Sep 24, 2010 11:31 pm

Hey guys, before you do anything else, read THIS! yup, this. Very Happy
Our Club isn't weird at all, you see.. it's just a bit more... open
we can all be friendly to each otherr and have funnn right? hehe
there are some rules i made up just now~
1. no trolling/cursing - let's keep that out of here x-x
2. everything must be school appropriate. in another words, it must be something that won't bother teachers.
3. Comment. just... comment!
4. don't let JunBeom(kjb629) dominate this forum!!

yupp these are the only ones that you need to keep, and some of other few basic manners.
try to keep this forum keep rolling and fun~ we all need to contribute to make this fun, ok? Very Happy
likeee spend some time everyday here Very Happy
If you want a new Catagory to be added such as 'Action' section in 'Anime' part, e-mail . it'll be done sooner or later~ Very Happy

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